Visions: Alphabe-Thursday – V

Jenny Matlock

This week’s challenge from Jenny Matlock is to use the vivacious letter V. I’ve gone for another poem as I seem to feel more at home in this genre. Enjoy…

Visions of beauty appear in the night

Vivaciously stepping out in the moonlight

Verging on ghostly they dance across grass

Vainly and gainly as time seems to pass

Versed in the art of stealth like manoeuvre

Victoriously missing the spin of the louvre

Vaguely historic yet oozing with glamour

Visions of beauty in dreams make you clamour.



100 Word Challenge for grown ups – Week #38

This week’s 100 word challenge was particularly interesting and challenging as I have never attempted anything like it before. Julia, once again provided a stimulating prompt:

Now for this week I’m staying topical! Those historians among you will know that 23rd April is a special date for the English. It is St Georges Day and the date of Shakespeare’s birth and death. No doubt there will be lots of red crosses around and another excuse for a party over the week-end.

Your mission, should you wish to take it up, is a BIG one. We are going to celebrate the Bard by writing sonnets! I can see some frowns! Don’t worry it will stretch your creativity.

1. You MUST write 14 lines (this is the minimum) 2. You can use 10 syllables per line (choice) 3. You could use the following rythmn – a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g. (choice)

So, the least you have to do is write 14 lines. Limit is around 100 words. You may need to go over slightly if you choose to do 2 and 3.

So here we go with Morning Joust……

Where once upon faded parchment was told
A simple tale of bravery ‘gainst beast
Young knight in shining silver yet so bold
Became man and hero, legend at least.

On dew soaked meadow humble steps did tread
The ring of village mayhem sounds the way
A glancing sight of baying dragon’s head
Shall signify that now its time to play.

And in a quiet corner a fop gazed on
Quill stroking, to enlighten of the duel
Procuring tales of gracious battle won
Timely prose of glory, no comic fool.

One in his saintly humbleness won hard
The other newborn eloquence, the bard.

Thoughts: Alphabe Thursday – T

Jenny Matlock

This week I have started to take part in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday. The focus is to use the letter T, so I have written a poem about thoughts, as that is what literally came to mind first!


Thoughts can be cruel, from the darkest of places,
Thoughts can be kind, with a smile and a wink.
Thoughts will show anger on the calmest faces,
Thoughts can appear when we try not to think.

Thoughts are of family, friends and our peers,
Thoughts take us back to a place once we were.
Thoughts are provoking and bring out the tears,
Thoughts crammed with love when you’re thinking of her.

Thoughts fill our days from the time we awake,
Thoughts make us happy and filled with success.
Thoughts can inspire from which we may take,
Thoughts are our goals, aspirations, no less.