100 word challenge for grown ups week #40

This week the prompt for the 100 word challenge for grown ups over at Julia’s Place is Ruby. I fancied another poem for this week’s challenge and took my inspiration from my teaching this week with my class, which has focused on describing poppies. I also had my wife and I in mind when I wrote this, as it could easily be us….

Morning Stroll

In gentle breeze the poppies sway

So delicate and fine

A band of colour lights the way

As her hand clasps to mine.

The ideal ruby landscape

Through which to break the day

Rare moments spent together

A time for us to play.

The sound of morning birdsong

A flick of fishes tail

Swift running of the river

A distant cockerel wails.

Beneath our feet, the heavy dew

Picked up by golden rays

As carelessly we wander

So thankful for these days.

Let time stand still forever

As youthfully we gaze

Into each others loving eyes

So happy, so unphased.