100 word challenge for grown ups week #40

This week the prompt for the 100 word challenge for grown ups over at Julia’s Place is Ruby. I fancied another poem for this week’s challenge and took my inspiration from my teaching this week with my class, which has focused on describing poppies. I also had my wife and I in mind when I wrote this, as it could easily be us….

Morning Stroll

In gentle breeze the poppies sway

So delicate and fine

A band of colour lights the way

As her hand clasps to mine.

The ideal ruby landscape

Through which to break the day

Rare moments spent together

A time for us to play.

The sound of morning birdsong

A flick of fishes tail

Swift running of the river

A distant cockerel wails.

Beneath our feet, the heavy dew

Picked up by golden rays

As carelessly we wander

So thankful for these days.

Let time stand still forever

As youthfully we gaze

Into each others loving eyes

So happy, so unphased.


100 word challenge for grown ups – Week 39

This week’s brillaint prompt from Julia at Julia’s Place is ….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you…. After last week’s challenge, this seemed just everso slightly easier. I have gone for some creative prose…

The Rat Race

The was falling far harder than he’d ever experienced before. Running at full pace, Max felt the splashing puddles seep gently through his worn brogues. The last bus beckoned, with its daily gathering of weary businessmen and headphoned, dishevelled students where jostling for position was far from comfortable. As Max desperately grasped the wet silver bar, the bell rang and the number 93 was on its way. Little consolation for an unsigned deal and a missed lunch. As he scanned the bottom deck for a space to rest, he muttered under his breath…I’m exhausted, shut the door behind you Max. But of course, it already was.

100 Word Challenge for grown ups – Week #38

This week’s 100 word challenge was particularly interesting and challenging as I have never attempted anything like it before. Julia, once again provided a stimulating prompt:

Now for this week I’m staying topical! Those historians among you will know that 23rd April is a special date for the English. It is St Georges Day and the date of Shakespeare’s birth and death. No doubt there will be lots of red crosses around and another excuse for a party over the week-end.

Your mission, should you wish to take it up, is a BIG one. We are going to celebrate the Bard by writing sonnets! I can see some frowns! Don’t worry it will stretch your creativity.

1. You MUST write 14 lines (this is the minimum) 2. You can use 10 syllables per line (choice) 3. You could use the following rythmn – a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g. (choice)

So, the least you have to do is write 14 lines. Limit is around 100 words. You may need to go over slightly if you choose to do 2 and 3.

So here we go with Morning Joust……

Where once upon faded parchment was told
A simple tale of bravery ‘gainst beast
Young knight in shining silver yet so bold
Became man and hero, legend at least.

On dew soaked meadow humble steps did tread
The ring of village mayhem sounds the way
A glancing sight of baying dragon’s head
Shall signify that now its time to play.

And in a quiet corner a fop gazed on
Quill stroking, to enlighten of the duel
Procuring tales of gracious battle won
Timely prose of glory, no comic fool.

One in his saintly humbleness won hard
The other newborn eloquence, the bard.

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #37

This week’s challenge is even more clever and challenging. Last week at Julia’s Place we were given the prompt ….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice….. to which we were invited to write the usual 100 words plus the prompt. However, the twist was that the writing produced last week would influence this week’s 100wgcu. Dutifully I checked out the entry after mine and found the prompt to be Shrouded in magic that hides itself from unknown human beings. Breaking away from my usual poetry slant, this is my first venture into creative writing.

Lost in the Mist
Over the wireless came the forecast, warm with thundery outbursts throughout the day.
Jim gave a wry smile as he organised pots to the aft of the ‘Jenny Marie’ For twenty years he’d been Deckhand and this day in the North Atlantic was important. It has been a lean season and the crab had eluded them thus far.
With a pertinent superstition he murmured to himself, lowering the pots into the icy brine. As he did the engines stalled and with a ghostly silence the ‘Jenny Marie’ began drifting into a misty void. Shrouded in magic that hides itself from unknown human beings, the Bermuda Triangle had its latest victim.

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #36

This is my latest offering for the 100 word challenge for grown ups, details of which are here.   This week’s prompt is ….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice…..

Once again,  I have tried to create a simple piece of poetry and I am finding the challenge of writing creatively really quite rewarding. Nothing like using our brain for something other than school planning once a week! There are many more creative entries at Julia’s Place, but here is mine:

The train pulled in, one minute late,

When off stepped Alice; perfect gait.

To her surprise she looked around,

And saw before her on the ground.

The strangest sight before her eyes,

A beast of every shape and size.

Wearing sharp suits and power dressed,

Determined they should look their best.

Briefcase in hand, the tiger sped,

The zebra in her flash of red.

Spotty leopard checks the time,

As up the long stairs meerkat climbs.

Through the entrance with a pace,

Comes tall white rabbit, stony faced.

A blink and he is gone again,

The station clock sounds loudly ten.

‘What was rabbit late for’, wondered Alice…


The tale of cursed gold

This is my first attempt at creative writing in the online 100 word challenge, details of which are here.   This week’s prompt in the 100 word challenge for adults is ‘…the red box…’. There are many more creative entries at Julia’s Place.

My aim is to improve my own creative writing and inspire my class.

Within the red box, there’s a secret to hide,

Of a troublesome past, a turning of tide.

A small folded parchment all crumpled and torn,

Recalling dark deeds and a spirit reborn.

Soft blotted ink, tracing routes across lands,

And the smeared oily prints of a smugglers hands.

Lay down the remains of a cursed search for gold,

Pointing only to desperate stories untold.

Where greed turned to fear in the blink of an eye,

As the ghost of Tall Island resounded his sigh.

To all who approached but never returned,

With the map that survived and now should be burned.