100 word challenge for grown ups – Week 39

This week’s brillaint prompt from Julia at Julia’s Place is ….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you…. After last week’s challenge, this seemed just everso slightly easier. I have gone for some creative prose…

The Rat Race

The was falling far harder than he’d ever experienced before. Running at full pace, Max felt the splashing puddles seep gently through his worn brogues. The last bus beckoned, with its daily gathering of weary businessmen and headphoned, dishevelled students where jostling for position was far from comfortable. As Max desperately grasped the wet silver bar, the bell rang and the number 93 was on its way. Little consolation for an unsigned deal and a missed lunch. As he scanned the bottom deck for a space to rest, he muttered under his breath…I’m exhausted, shut the door behind you Max. But of course, it already was.


3 thoughts on “100 word challenge for grown ups – Week 39

  1. Didn’t clinch the deal hey? A well told tale of the evening rush hour after a dispiriting day. I’ve given some thought to the phrase ‘the rain precipitated’ and haven’t reached a conclusion yet. Maybe it just seemed strange because it was at the top of the piece. Great atmosphere though, I could almost smell the wet raincoats.

    • Hi Sandra. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, precipitating didn’t really work, so I have changed it, after reading it again. thank you for your comment.

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