100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #37

This week’s challenge is even more clever and challenging. Last week at Julia’s Place we were given the prompt ….‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice….. to which we were invited to write the usual 100 words plus the prompt. However, the twist was that the writing produced last week would influence this week’s 100wgcu. Dutifully I checked out the entry after mine and found the prompt to be Shrouded in magic that hides itself from unknown human beings. Breaking away from my usual poetry slant, this is my first venture into creative writing.

Lost in the Mist
Over the wireless came the forecast, warm with thundery outbursts throughout the day.
Jim gave a wry smile as he organised pots to the aft of the ‘Jenny Marie’ For twenty years he’d been Deckhand and this day in the North Atlantic was important. It has been a lean season and the crab had eluded them thus far.
With a pertinent superstition he murmured to himself, lowering the pots into the icy brine. As he did the engines stalled and with a ghostly silence the ‘Jenny Marie’ began drifting into a misty void. Shrouded in magic that hides itself from unknown human beings, the Bermuda Triangle had its latest victim.

20 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #37

  1. Wow!! I absolutely LOVE it!! To see what you did with those words (which were from my last weeks blog)
    Fantastic! to Aspiring Creativity.


  2. Sounds like the sort of stuff I write about! Lean season, icy brine, misty void – very evocative. At the risk of cliche, ‘ … Triangle had *claimed* its latest victim’ makes for a better last line. But I’m being picky, its fab 😉

    • Also, I’m not sure whether its me, but, if I was to point out a sentence whose word flow differed from the rest of the piece, I would have chosen the prompt. It does seem that it was written by another person and I’m not sure, if given the choice, you would have used those words to convey the same suspense? I’d think you’d have been a bit more gritty, judging by your style?

      • Thanks for your comments. Had I been able to choose the prompt, I probably would have written it slightly differently, but this is all an interesting learning curve!

  3. Oh, this took a turn I was not expecting at all. for the record, your first prose entry is great, well written, in just a few words I could easily picture the scene, and in one phrase, it went from normal to weird. Well done! You should do the prose more often – of course, the poetry is beautiful, too, but hey, why not alternate?

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