The tale of cursed gold

This is my first attempt at creative writing in the online 100 word challenge, details of which are here.   This week’s prompt in the 100 word challenge for adults is ‘…the red box…’. There are many more creative entries at Julia’s Place.

My aim is to improve my own creative writing and inspire my class.

Within the red box, there’s a secret to hide,

Of a troublesome past, a turning of tide.

A small folded parchment all crumpled and torn,

Recalling dark deeds and a spirit reborn.

Soft blotted ink, tracing routes across lands,

And the smeared oily prints of a smugglers hands.

Lay down the remains of a cursed search for gold,

Pointing only to desperate stories untold.

Where greed turned to fear in the blink of an eye,

As the ghost of Tall Island resounded his sigh.

To all who approached but never returned,

With the map that survived and now should be burned.



9 thoughts on “The tale of cursed gold

    • Thank you, that is kind. It is my first attempt and I can see that you are a well seasoned writer with many good ideas, so thank you.

  1. I enjoyed reading this- poetry is a tricky nut to crack, but you had done it admirably with this piece. Look forward to reading more of your 100wcgus 🙂

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